A Quick Apple Crostini Snack Loaded with Protein

Savoring Saturday:

It’s officially here, everyone!  The holidays are upon us!  We will all be braving the supermarket rush, the parking lot chaos, and time with family (whether or not they get along).  Hopefully this time will be chock full of love and celebration for you.  Regardless of your level of stress over the holidays, I always find that a good solid snack helps me and the kids keep level headed and in the moment.  After all, when your blood sugars are happy, things always seem doable, rational, and positive.  So, here is a quickie snack that keeps young and old happy!  Feel free to bust it out anytime….even when the bird is in the oven and cousins are running amok!


You can take time to assemble these, but by all means, go ahead and keep the labor light by setting it up as a snack bar.  Kids LOVE to make their own “pizzas.”  They can feel like little chefs, and you know that they are getting only great ingredients.  Two bonus points: they keep busy “cooking” and they get the nutrients needed to keep the piece at family functions!  Just make sure you grab some for yourself before you turn them loose on creating!  Remember that we all need good nutrient!

Apple Crostini Protein Snack

Fresh apples

peanut butter

cream cheese

chocolate chips, white or dark

raisins or dried cranberries

chopped almonds (or other favorite nut)



My little elf, Evangeline, decided to add some homemade granola to make a happy face!


Happy Thanksgiving week!



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