A Pop of Turquoise for the Bedroom

Happy day-after turkey day!  We had an excellent time slowing down, enjoying long lazy chats with family and friends while savoring a gorgeous spread.  With super sleepy kids, we made our way home after the meal at my parent’s new house, and my 11 year old and I started to count the houses that already donned their Christmas best….can you believe it?  Christmas lights already!!  My mom-brain went into hyper-drive….ahhhhh, I’ve got to get started on presents!  I will make sure to get on that tomorrow, but for now, here is a super cute makeover…who can resist a makeover??

If you remember, last month I had the awesome experience of getting to move my parents from LA to the central coast (wahoo for grandma and grandpa living just 20 minutes away!)  So, besides the added date-night potential 🙂 , I got the added perk of inheriting a couple pieces to Zest Up!  Check out this super traditional bedside table that needed a little TLC.

Not knockin’ it….it is a sturdy piece of wood furniture, so it was the perfect candidate to play with 🙂 .  Time to unearth a beauty!

A little sanding and priming (note the smooth foam roller, it gives nice, smooth, light coats of paint)….

Now a little color…..

And a little more 🙂 …..

And a tad bit o’ dark furniture wax….

Then time to drill some new holes for some super cute new hardware (oh yah, and some wood putty to cover the old holes)…..

And now for a nice, long, low whistle…..

Can you believe I got this super cool bronze leaf drawer pull for a buck at Restore, Habitat for Humanity’s building thrift store?  They had five total, so I bought them out…kinda a no-brainer!

I love how the traditional details of this piece have been highlighted beautifully by the color.

So, basically, if you see a piece for a steal, but you are repelled by the styling….think outside of the box with color and texture.  Low and behold, a boring, traditional piece becomes Cinderella at the ball!

As always, thanks for checking out our latest handiwork!  Keep on Zesting!  And now, I’m gonna get serious about putting on my elf hat 🙂



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