A DIY Wreath from the Garden

Thrifty Thursday:

Bahahaha, I love the humor of this post…the timing is impeccable!  I have been getting flack from Sean for already starting with the Christmas music…oh yesss, the rants are on facebook!  Just look at the goofy man.  Such a nerd!  I obviously had to one-up the Christmas antics by decorating our front door with a homemade wreath BEFORE Thanksgiving.  Why not?


The supplies are simple.  I used a wire wreath form, but really any circular structure would work.  I actually salvaged the form from an old, fake greenery wreath that was doomed for the dumpster.  The only other things needed are wire and whatever greenery you have on hand.  Lucky for me, my nandina was full of gorgeous berries.  So, I decided to ditch most of the greenery and go for an all berry wreath with varied hues of the ripening berries.


Simply layer the greenery/berries going in one direction, while you secure by wrapping the wire around both the frame and the greenery.


This process goes so quick.  So, if you are looking for a satisfying project that makes you feel like a craft-master, this is it!


Just beautiful!


Hahaha, so merry Christmas on Thanksgiving day!  (Love you, crazy hubby!)



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