A day of Hardwork Yardwork

IMG_3678Look at that Ugly Yard, yep we pay HOA for that? I can’t stand it anymore, today is the day we go at it! My husband finally has a few days off work and has managed to convince his awesome friend Travis to help (what a good friend!). So Yes today indeed is the day. bring it.

But to make it really worth it, we must bare through a few ugly “before” pics…

IMG_3680 IMG_3676Okay enough, so off to the nursery we go!


  • Yarrow
  • Mexican Feather Grass
  • Purple Verbena
  • Gaura
  • Blue sedge
  • Mirror Plant

photo copy 3 photo copy 2 photo copy 4This is the mirror plant- known for it’s shiny leaves. I got the variegated one!photo copyHere we have the mexican feather grass in the far back (love how golden it is and how it moves in the wind) and then the bright green gaura that will soon have white blossoms all along the stem, and last up close and personal we have the blue dune sedge (love the little spikes for texture). photo

Not too shabby eh? Can’t wait to add more mulch and watch these beauties grow in more!

Thanks for watchin’ me Zest up the yard!!


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