A Cinderella Story for an Old Screen

Sam and I had a blast today, prepping things for a fabulous photo-shoot alongside our new intern, Brittany.  We have been sourcing and crafting and painting….a true Zest day!  It was so much fun creating and designing, literally my favorite type of day.  The shoot has several elements of inspiration, but one cool piece that had us excited was a crown my sister had coveted way back before she was engaged:

20130713_144753Super cute, right?  Well, we decided “Why not as a cake topper?”  One of the model’s dresses was completely in the princess vibe, so why not adorn the wedding cake with a crown?!  One trip to restore for a $3 screen and a couple bucks worth of baubles from the GoodWill, and we were set!!

20140403_155245First step was to turn a metal headband into a crown shape using some wire.

20140403_15563620140403_155321Next, it was time to hack away at the screen.

20140403_165751Using the wire, I simply whip-stitched my crenellations onto my metal base.

20140403_160736Now to add some bling-bling!

20140403_16202520140403_164049And as a last step, I used a curling iron to make my crenellations a little whimsical.


20140403_16592220140403_17014020140403_170323I am super excited to see this on top of our three tiered cake tomorrow.  I will totally add pix to this post once they come in…it will be gorgeous.

So, if you have a little princess of your own, maybe this thrifty but artistic crown would be the perfect DIY for you!  Just imagine the perfect halloween costume or even a topper to her pretty little birthday cake.  Absolutely divine!

Happy crafting!!



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