A Bit of Whimsy

Good morning, lovelies, here is a little Saturday makeover to look at over your cup o’ joe. There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with this chair…it was sturdy and well built…and FREE!

DSC_0194You probably have one of these standard dining room chairs functioning nicely somewhere in your house.  Totally functional and in no way horrific….but not good enough.  The yellow fabric on this one was super cute, but it practically blended into the yellowish stain on the wood.  We needed color with a touch of whimsy, STAT.

DSC_0203After a sanding and a clean coat of primer with a sponge roller, it was time for a palate….

Turquoise and red!

I love how it turned out!

DSC_0282DSC_0281DSC_0278Cute bit: as I was trying to take this over to the store, my mom caught sight of it and informed me that in no way was I taking that to a store.  She promptly wrote out a check and snatched it for her bedroom 🙂 .  I guess I succeeded in helping this chair out of it’s “Plain Jane” doldrums.  Mission complete: a Zested chair!



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