4th of July DIY Cocktail stir sticks

I think sometimes the best part about ordering a cocktail is seeing the presentation. From the fancy glass to the garnish- pinkies up friends!!

But who say’s you can’t have a fun cocktail all the while sitting in your pj’s cozy at home?? Can I get an amen? For some delicious cocktail inspiration be sure to check out our recipe section, but today is not about the beverage- it’s about dressing up your bev! With 4th of July around the corner I thought it would be fun to get festive with your red white and blue! Or shall we say red, white and booooooze?!

Pom Pom balls
Hot glue

Start by cutting your skewer to the length that is best for your cocktail glass (this will vary). Then place a dollop of hot glue at the end and press a pom pom ball on and hold to secure for 30 seconds while glue dries.

Next I grabbed some foil confetti from the dollar store and then added another dot of glue and held until dry.

So festive and fancy- pinkies up!!

Cheers my friends!

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