4th of July Backyard Picnic Decor

Seasonal Sunday

Happy 4th of July weekend, y’all!  I hope you are filling your time with lots of fun, family, friends and fantastic food!  Haha, it’s time to make some memories and traditions come alive as we celebrate our independence! My fam-bam is packing plenty of activities and gatherings on just about everyday…it has been so much fun!

With celebrations that run 3 days long, it is important to get creative so you don’t blow up your budget along with the fireworks!  With a few touches that feel patriotic, you will keep things festive while keeping the price tag down.  Besides, who wouldn’t want to use their $$ on good cuts of meat for the BBQ or some margarita fixins’??  So, Sam and I figured, why not throw something together for a little inspiration for all you Zesters?  Besides, it was time for lunch and my kiddos love the fun of a picnic!!

4th of july picnic_0000

Honestly, we lucked out when we found these great yard lanterns at the 99C Store.  Yeah, they weren’t a $1, but they were hecka cheap….so we couldn’t pass them up!



blankets & pillows

99C Store findings: mini flags, poppers, lanterns, candles, tissue paper, you name it!

<<The pallets we picked up locally for a free table setting!  You can’t beat free, and the store was happy to not have to deal with them anymore.  A win-win, I think.>>

4th of july picnic_0001

Basically, ransack your cupboards for anything red, white or blue!  We used our red napkins, blue glasses, white plates, and colored straws.  Mix in some flag magic and viola!  A casual, patriotic little gathering!

4th of july picnic_00024th of july picnic_0003

Haha, Maya and baby Barley had to join in the action, too!

4th of july picnic_00044th of july picnic_0005

Oh, Barley!  Ummmm, when you are a puppy, you are always invited to the party!!

4th of july picnic_00064th of july picnic_00074th of july picnic_0008

Popper fun and a little snuggle time, the makings for a fabulous little picnic!

4th of july picnic_00094th of july picnic_00104th of july picnic_00114th of july picnic_00124th of july picnic_00134th of july picnic_00144th of july picnic_00154th of july picnic_0016

From our families to yours, we hope you are having fun this weekend, too.


Chanda & Sam

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