DIY Shibori inspired picnic blanket

Now that we are in full swing of summer that means beach days, playing at the park and picnics in your backyard. All things I LOVE! Another trend I am loving is Shibori. I know I have mentioned this dying technique before- almost like a more mature tye dye if you ask me- haha. Shibori is an ancient Japanese resist dying technique where you fold and bind fabric in all sorts of folds to create gorgeous patterns. Typically indigo dye is used, creating a deep gorgeous blue masterpiece. Want to see some inspiration, just jump on pinterest….from apparel to home decor- you really can’t go wrong!

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 7.31.47 AM

So put together Summer and Shibori and what do you get?

A fabulous summer picnic blanket that will be so trendy and homemade!




navy blue rit dye



wooden strips

rit blue dye blanket_0000

First start by folding your fabric up. Just like tye dye, each fold with create a unique pattern. I wanted to play around with an accordion fold and then pressing the fold between two planks of wood to apply pressure. The main thing to keep in mind when folding is that this is a resistant dye so the more folds mean the more white lines, which makes your piece all the more beautiful and visually appealing (aka fold a ton!).  (oh and my black lab maya was very excited to help- ha!)

rit blue dye blanket_0001

I started with a long rectangle and then made a triangle fold onto each new section until I ran out of fabric.

rit blue dye blanket_0002rit blue dye blanket_0003rit blue dye blanket_0004

Next I pressed the fabric between two boards of wood and secured with rubber bands. These rubber bands are doing more than securing my wood though, they will act as folds and resist dye on the areas they touch fabric- yay for more visual interest!

rit blue dye blanket_0005rit blue dye blanket_0006rit blue dye blanket_0007

Once your fabric/wood is all ready go ahead and prep the dye according to the instructions on the package. Once you have your dye ready, time to dunk!!

rit blue dye blanket_0008

First gave it a good dunk and then I let me fabric/wood sit in the dye for about 5 minutes to really absorb the dye. I didn’t let the entire piece sit in the dye because I thought it might be a neat ombre effect if some areas are lighter/darker.

rit blue dye blanket_0009

Apparently the dye can still go through the gloves, oops! Smurf Sam here 🙂

rit blue dye blanket_0010rit blue dye blanket_0011

Time to unfold and dry….

rit blue dye blanket_0012

Backyard picnic with a my friend Anya’s new puppy ? I think YES!

rit blue dye blanket_0013rit blue dye blanket_0014rit blue dye blanket_0016rit blue dye blanket_0017rit blue dye blanket_0018rit blue dye blanket_0019

Cheers to a gorgeous new beach and picnic blanket… and to an even cuter puppy!!



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