Kitchenette in Templeton


Sam and I have a new addiction.

It is really not as serious as it sounds.  We happen to be very committed foodies and every now and again we discover a gem that creates a hankering.  Golly, any establishment that will serve me up a Croque Madame with arugula and gruyere has me at “hello!”

If you haven’t had a chance to pop into Kitchenette in Templeton, CA…you might want to slap this one onto your “must” list of scrumptious restaurants to visit!

kitchenette_0000Honestly, the eye candy as soon as you walk in could possibly have you hooked, as well.  All the touches are super subtle and utterly fabulous!

The mama bear in me loves that they have clipboards for kids to just grab for their mealtime masterpiece of coloring.
kitchenette_0001kitchenette_0002kitchenette_0003Even there wine and cider menu is on pointe!kitchenette_0004This sweet little nook of a restaurant is a major favorite among all the locals.  Kitchenette is a place to grab awesome grub and brews while not feeling rushed.  It’s all about quality.  Quality eats and quality time with friends & family!kitchenette_0005kitchenette_0006The outdoor seating isn’t a huge space, but under the cover of a large oak it feels like a sweet space.kitchenette_0007kitchenette_0008kitchenette_0009Sam and I have agreed to be on a mission to try something new every time we go now.  I mean, just look at these insane baked goods.  And don’t even get me started when it comes to their veggie dishes.  As a fellow cook, I routinely judge a restaurant by how they treat the most humble of veggies.  If they meet the abundance of the garden with creativity and flare, giving extra attention where others just dismiss, then I know the restaurant is of a delightful caliber.  I know that I am in for a treat!kitchenette_0010kitchenette_0011Have you had Whale Bird kombucha before?  If not, this is another must!  Thankfully, you can accomplish both musts in one stop!  Grab a Whale Bird while you wait for your meal.  Yum yum.kitchenette_0012kitchenette_0013kitchenette_0014kitchenette_0015Their spicy vietnamese salad is such a fresh and bold lunch.  Filled with turkey, herbs, roasted peanuts, cucumber, and glass noodles, the salad gets a major flavor punch from a delicious chili vinaigrette.  Yum!  Perfect for Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer!kitchenette_0016However, their Kale Caesar Salad with shredded chicken makes for a perfect pairing of flavor and health.  Admittedly, I have ordered this one a few times.  There is something about fresh, bruised kale and parmesan.  Love!kitchenette_0017And then for the piece de resistance!  Their Croque Madame may be the best one I have had in the states.  Done with kurobota ham, arugula, gruyere, and country bread, it is the epitome of doing the simple well.kitchenette_0018Oh, and one last nod to the naughty.  They have unbelievable pomme frites….aka shoestring fries.  I think Anya may be permanently addicted to their homemade ranch, as well.  I mean, it could be a serious addiction with serious repercussions!kitchenette_0019Hahaha, and then we made a visit to the little girls room.  No, seriously!  When Sam used the restroom, she sent us all in for a visit.  None of us could believe the adorable touches they used even in the lowly bathroom.  Yep, those are incredible fresh daisies and tulips in those mason jars.  Ahhhh, even the paint color is sublime!  kitchenette_0020It’s official.  Kitchenette is one of our happy places.  It feeds our design eyes and our caterer taste buds.  A win-win in our books.

Oh boy, gonna have to be careful with this addiction….could add lots of extra calories!  But, oh, they would so be worth it!



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