Thanksgiving Random Acts of Kindness

Meaningful Monday

Okay, I cry “guilty!”  I know that yesterday I posted about Christmas.  Please do not hate me.  I swear that I am not blasting Christmas music and binge watching Hallmark Christmas movies….yet.  I just did not want that November 29th date to sneak up on me again for Advent.  I promise that this week will be all about the fabulousness of Thanksgiving: the traditions, the family, and of course, the FOOD!

Today I wanted to share with you something so precious that I found on The Dating Divas.  Have you ever heard of R.A.O.K?  It stands for Random Acts Of Kindness.  I think there is something so magnificent about meeting this Thanksgiving season with an attitude of kindness and giving.  With family pouring in and getting ready to spend some quality time together, why not make Thanksgiving a sweet time that means something more than a turkey hangover?  Not that a tryptophan binge is not entirely worthy of all our devotion 🙂 .  I think that this list from The Dating Divas and the adorable ROAK notes from C Dot Love will help you turn this week into a fun-filled adventure.  Decide together what acts you want to commit, and remember to leave behind a ROAK note to let strangers know that they have been a “victim” of your Random Act of Kindness.

Have fun!!




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